September 18, 2019 WEDNESDAY 5:00 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    Set against the backdrop of a busy winter sales period in a department store, In Fabric follows a cursed dress as it passes from person to person with devastating consequences.


    September 18, 2019 WEDNESDAY 7:00 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    1950s America. Since his mother‘s confinement to an institution, Andy has lived in the shadow of his stoic father. A family acquaintance, Dr. Wallace Fiennes, employs the introverted young man as a photographer to document an asylum tour advocating for his increasingly controversial lobotomy procedure.


    September 18, 2019 WEDNESDAY 9:15 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    When Seth Brundle makes a huge scientific and technological breakthrough in teleportation, he decides to test it on himself. Unbeknownst to him, a common housefly manages to get inside the device and the two become one.


    September 19, 2019 THURSDAY 7:30 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium


    September 19, 2019 THURSDAY 9:50 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    The story of how three oddball teenage bluesmen became one of the biggest, most beloved bands on the planet.


    September 20, 2019 FRIDAY 9:00 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    A modern, punk adaptation of Shakespeare's classic. Told irreverently, this film attempts to impact the viewer in the same way theatre-goers were effected in Shakespeare's time. Bawdy, Violent, Humorous, and Romantic.

  • HEAT

    September 21, 2019 SATURDAY 5:00 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    Obsessive master thief, Neil McCauley leads a top-notch crew on various daring heists throughout Los Angeles while determined detective, Vincent Hanna pursues him without rest. Each man recognizes and respects the ability and the dedication of the other even though they are aware their cat-and-mouse game may end in violence.


    September 21, 2019 SATURDAY 8:30 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.


    September 25, 2019 WEDNESDAY 7:00 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    Documentary on psychedelic potash mines, expansive concrete seawalls, mammoth industrial machines, and other examples of humanity’s massive, destructive reengineering of the planet.


    September 27, 2019 FRIDAY 9:15 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    Three intercut stories about outsiders, sex and violence. In "Hero," Richie, at age 7, kills his father and flies away. After the event, a documentary in cheesy lurid colors asks what Richie was like and what led up to the shooting. In the black and white "Horror," a scientist isolates the elixir of human sexuality, drinks it, and becomes a festering, contagious murderer; a female colleague who loves him tries to help, to her peril. In "Homo," a prisoner in Fontenal prison is drawn to an inma...


    September 28, 2019 SATURDAY 9:00 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    A Beverly Hills teen (Billy Warlock) discovers his parents are part of a gruesome orgy cult for the social elite.


    September 29, 2019 SUNDAY 3:00 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    When Snoopy receives a letter from his original owner Lila, he goes to visit her in the hospital while Charlie Brown and the gang are on the lookout for him. Suddenly, Snoopy feels that he must go live with Lila, but must say goodbye to all his friends. In his adventure to the hospital, he encounters numerous "No Dogs Allowed" signs, an annoying little girl who desires to keep him, and more!


    September 29, 2019 SUNDAY 5:00 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    Galo and the Burning Rescue Fire Department face off against BURNISH, a group of mutants who are able to control and wield flames, and the fire disaster they have unleashed on Earth.


    October 6, 2019 SUNDAY 2:00 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    In 16th-century Japan, farmers under the heel of marauding bandits decide to hire ronin for protection; the odds: 7 samurai vs. 40 bandits; their pay: a few grains of rice. With Takashi Shimura as the calm leader, and Mifune as #7, transitioning from manic goofball to tortured, self-hating tragic hero, amid some of the most hairraising battles ever shot. Voted in the 1979 Kinema Jumpo critics’ poll as the greatest of all Japanese films.


    October 6, 2019 SUNDAY 6:00 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    A vengeful witch and her fiendish servant return from the grave and begin a bloody campaign to possess the body of the witch's beautiful look-alike descendant. Only the girl's brother and a handsome doctor stand in her way.


    October 9, 2019 WEDNESDAY 7:00 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    Mister America follows Heidecker's attempt to enter the world of politics. After beating a murder charge for selling faulty e-cigarettes at an EDM festival, Tim seeks revenge by running a campaign to unseat the San Bernardino District Attorney. Fueled by ego and ignorance, he tries to surmount a lack of experience, funds and likability by personally connecting with unsuspecting constituents. It does not go well.


    October 10, 2019 THURSDAY 7:00 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    Gwynplaine, son of Lord Clancharlie, has a permanent smile carved on his face by the King, in revenge for Gwynplaine's father's treachery. Gwynplaine is adopted by a travelling showman and becomes a popular idol. He falls in love with the blind Dea. The king dies, and his evil jester tries to destroy or corrupt Gwynplaine.


    October 13, 2019 SUNDAY 5:30 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    A young couple moves into an infamous New York apartment building to start a family. Things become frightening as Rosemary begins to suspect her unborn baby isn’t safe around their strange neighbors.


    October 17, 2019 THURSDAY 8:30 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    Following the arrest of her mother, Ramona, young Vanessa Lutz decides to go in search of her estranged grandmother. On the way, she is given a ride by school counselor Bob Wolverton. During the journey, Lutz begins to realize that Bob is the notorious I-5 Killer and manages to escape by shooting him several times. Wounded but still very much alive, Bob pursues Lutz across the state in this modern retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.


    October 20, 2019 SUNDAY 3:00 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    Seymour Krelborn is a nerdy orphan working at Mushnik's, a flower shop in urban Skid Row. He harbors a crush on fellow co-worker Audrey Fulquard, and is berated by Mr. Mushnik daily. One day as Seymour is seeking a new mysterious plant, he finds a very mysterious unidentified plant which he calls Audrey II. The plant seems to have a craving for blood and soon begins to sing for his supper.


    October 20, 2019 SUNDAY 5:30 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium


    October 27, 2019 SUNDAY 5:30 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    A Catholic school newcomer falls in with a clique of teen witches who wield their powers against all who dare to cross them -- be they teachers, rivals or meddlesome parents.


    October 31, 2019 THURSDAY 8:00 PMThe Texas Theatre Auditorium

    Frederick Loren has invited five strangers to a party of a lifetime. He is offering each of them $10,000 if they can stay the night in a house. But the house is no ordinary house. This house has a reputation for murder. Frederick offers them each a gun for protection. They all arrived in a hearse and will either leave in it $10,000 richer or leave in it dead!