Love going to the movies?
Love getting rewarded for doing things that you love?
Our FlexSpend™ Rewards program is perfect for you!
To start earning cashback rewards today follow these easy steps:
  • Download the Republic Theatres FlexSpend™ Rewards app on your phone
  • Load money onto your FlexSpend™ Rewards account in whatever amount you choose
  • Use your FlexSpend™ account to pay for tickets and concessions
  • Get instant cashback rewards added to your balance!
Love the movies more than most? Sign up for an annual membership to get a higher cashback percentage, lower online fees, and many other perks and exclusive offers only available to theater VIP’s!
  • FAQ'S

    How do I sign up?

    Signing up is easy. Simply download the Republic Theatres app to your device and follow the instructions. Our app is available for both Apple and Android devices. Just search for "Republic Theatres " in your phone's app store. You’ll be asked to submit contact information as well as payment information for future account loads and purchases.

    What if I’m not able to use the app?

    If you would prefer to use a physical Republic Theatres FlexSpend™ Rewards card instead of using the app, just ask any theater employee and they will assist you in obtaining one. You may then register your card and manage your FlexSpend™ Rewards account through the online portal we provide here on the Republic Theatres website. If you change your mind, your account (and your outstanding balance) will automatically be available when you are ready to download the app.

    How do I load money onto my FlexSpend™ Rewards account?

    If you are using the FlexSpend™ Rewards app, open the app and navigate to the “add money” tab. You will then have the ability to add a payment method or load money to your account from a previously added payment method. If you are using a physical FlexSpend™ Rewards card you may load your card by using the online account management portal, or by loading money at any point of sale terminal at the Theater.

    Can I use my FlexSpend™ account to buy concessions?

    Absolutely! The balance of your FlexSpend™ Rewards account is good at any point of sale location at the Theater.

We encourage you to review our Terms & Conditions, our Privacy Policy and our Refund & Exchange Policy.