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    Playing Today | 1 hr 53 min

    Samuel Alabaster (Robert Pattinson), an affluent pioneer, ventures across the American Frontier to marry the love of his life, Penelope (Mia Wasikowska). As Samuel traverses the Wild West with a drunkard named Parson Henry (David Zellner) and a miniature horse called Butterscotch, their once-simple journey grows treacherous, blurring the lines between hero, villain and damsel. A loving reinvention of the western genre from the Zellner brothers (Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter), Damsel showcases their trademark unpredictability, off-kilter sense of humor, and unique brand of humanism.

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    Playing Today | Rated PG-13

    Filmmaker Kate Novack explores the life and career of fashion journalist Andr Leon Talley from his childhood in the segregated South to his iconic, barrier-breaking work at Womens Wear Daily, W and Vogue.

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    Opens Friday, July 27 | 1 hr 20 min

    This expressive documentary explores the fastest trending spirit in the world. Tequila and Mezcal. This journey takes us to the worlds most biodiverse landscape of the agave plant, Mexico; here families have been passing down the traditions of distililing agave for generations. Discover how one delicate plant can carry the weight of a nation and the people trying to protect it for the future.

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    Opens Saturday, July 28

    The new copilation of shorts from the 2018 New York International Childrens Film Festival gives a warm welcome to all budding cinephiles with a lively international lineup of fun.

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    Opens Tomorrow | 1 hr 40 min

    A brother odyssey set in a rural chalk-mining community during a cold winter. We follow two brothers working in this harsh environment focusing on the younger brother Emil, who distills moonshine made from stolen chemicals from the factory. Emil is an outsider, an oddball, who made a conscious choice for loneliness and is only accepted by the mining community due to his older brother Johan. Emil longs for passion, for being wanted and loved. When a fellow worker becomes sick, the moonshine and Emil are prime suspects.

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    Opens Thursday, July 26 | Rated

    Beginning July 26th, the SNF Parkway celebrates Stanley Kubricks would-be 90th birthday with a retrospective of the master filmmakers invaluable contributions to the history of cinema. The series will occur twice monthly and will showcase each of the directors films in turn. Filmed on a budget of $40,000 (raised by Kubricks relatives), Killers Kiss is a true noir film, shot mostly at night in a variety of seedy Manhattan locations. The plot concerns the efforts of boxer Jamie Smith to rescue nightclub dancer Irene Kane from the clutches of club owner Frank Silvera.

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    Opens Thursday, July 26 | 1 hr 27 min | Not Rated

    John Cassavetes directorial debut revolves around a romance in New York City between Lelia (Lelia Goldoni), a light-skinned black woman, and Tony (Anthony Ray), a white man. The relationship is put in jeopardy when Tony meets Lelias darker-skinned jazz singer brother, Hugh (Hugh Hurd), and discovers that her racial heritage is not what he thought it was.

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    Opens Thursday, August 30 | Rated R

    Sound Garden 25th Anniversary 35mm Double Feature with Empire Records (1995)

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    Opens Thursday, August 30 | 1 hr 30 min | Rated PG-13

    Sound Garden 25th Anniversary 35mm Double Feature with High Fidelity (2000)